The goal of 1vet2another is to help vets in their professional journey

Through informational interviews, 1vet2another helps vets know their options and prepare for a variety of career fields and industries.  Hearing from those who already made the journey is a key component to 1vet2another.

1vet2another collects invaluable insight from industry professionals (fellow vets and supporters) on areas related to college, career, community and finance.


About me:
My name is Matt Medhat.  I am going through this journey myself.  I have learned a lot since transitioning from enlisted service in the Marines (3/1 infantry 2004-2008) and hope to pass that knowledge to my fellow veterans.  I received a Bachelor’s in Economics, worked for 2 Fortune 100 corporations, and recently received my Master’s from Northwestern University.  I am currently a Program Manager in Logistics.